2008 Competition Results

Competition Results
November 9, 2008


Taler – PLATINUM – Free Your Mind – 4th overall Top Teen soloist
Amber – PLATINUM – Dancin’ Fool – 3rd overall Top Sr soloist
Nate – PLATINUM – Ain’t That a Kick – 2nd overall sr solos
Amber/Taler – PLATINUM – Time After Time – 4th overall Sr duets
Alyssa – GOLD – History Repeating – 4th overall sr solos
Amber – GOLD – It’s About That Walk
Alyssa/Katie – GOLD – You & Me Against The World – 3rd overall Jr duets
Taler – GOLD – Candy Coated Water Drops
Brooke – GOLD – Watch Me Shine – 4th overall Jr solos
Billy/Gabe – GOLD – Chick Magnets – 5th overall Sr duets
Dani – GOLD – Queen Bee
Kelsie – GOLD – Just Got Paid
Billy – GOLD – It’s Not Unusual – 4th overall Teen solos


The competition team went to Creation, danced and conquered!! It was a tough competition but ASA worked it and ran away with the awards!!!!

The team brought home 4 Ultimate Victories, 24 First places and 7 Second places!!

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! – The production routine, Red Hot, won 1st OVER ALL for Jr Large Group/Production with a score of 296.8 out of 300 points!!
WHOOOO HOOOO!!! This routine also brought home the overall judges award!

All the ASA dancers won the studio the SHOWMANSHIP director’s award!!

Nate, Alyssa and Taler were 5th, 4th and 3rd Runner ups for Senior solos.
Taler was given the Stage Presence award and Nate received the Top Tapper award, along with his Burger King Crown!!!

Haylee and Kelsie took their duet Shake Your Groove Thing to the 2nd Runner up position in the Jr Duets!

In the Sr Duet division, Becky and Alyssa (Fields of Gold) were 3rd runners up, Billy and Brooke ( That’s the Kind of Sugar) were 2nd runners up, and Billy and Taler (She’s A Lady) were 1st runners up!!! Billy and Taler were given the Break It Down award!!!

In the Jr Small Group division, Axel F placed 3rd runners up and our awesome GUYS won 1st OVERALL with their routine, Sharp Dressed Men!!!

In the Sr Small Group division, 5th place went to Cupid Shuffle, 4th place went to Amadeus and they were given the Pretty in Pointe Award.

The 3rd place went to Viva Las Vegas and 1st runners up – Classic Tap which won Miss Jill the Unique Choreography Award – THANK YOU SO MUCH – my students are awesome!!

Billy danced his solo and for the THIRD year in a row received the Entertainment Award!! AWESOME WORK!!

Miss Meaghen’s trio, Supermodels (Taler, Sierra and Brooke) took home the Great Stage Presence Award!!

Katie’s solo was honored with the Too Cute Award, while Rubberneckin’ received the Showstopper Award!!!

Our mightiest juniors, Aisy Waisy received the Crowd Pleasers Award and had the crowd literally on their feet!!! HOW AWESOME!!!!!


The competition team brought home 19 Platinum awards, 15 High Golds and 10 Golds!!

Aisy Waisy won the Director’s Choice Award, Nate won the Leading Man Award, while Taler brought home the Intensity Award.
Alyssa won overall Senior Photogenic, Amber was crowned Miss Senior No Limit and Billy was awarded Mr. Teen No Limit


Rubberneckin’ – 1st OA Petite Large Groups
Classic Tap – 1st OA Senior Small Groups
I believe we managed to conquer our “BHAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
and not just sweep an overall but we swept 1st OA in all categories of the Duet/ Trios!!!!!
Kylee and Isabella – 1st OA Petite Duos
Taler, Sierra, Brooke – 1st OA Junior Duos
Billy and Taler – 1st OA Teen Duos
Maryah and Amber – 1st OA Senior Duos


Jr Solos – 1st OA, Brooke and 3rd OA, Kelsie
Teen Solos – 1st OA, Taler and 3rd OA, Billy
Senior Solos – 1st OA – Amber, 2nd OA – Nate,
3rd OA – Alyssa, 7th OA – Becky, 8th OA – Dani, 9th OA – Kim


The competition team brought home 5 Platinum awards, 25 Gold awards and 11 Sterling Silver awards

The best award – For the 2nd year in a row the ASA Competition Team was honored to receive the Studio Spirit Award!!

The award is given to the studio that is the most respectful backstage, shows great attitude and sportsmanship conduct!!

Aisy Waisy received Platinum and the 1st Over All Mini Small Group and Over All Mini of the Day!!!!! Way to go!!

Rubberneckin’ received Platinum and 1st Over All Mini Large Group

Amber – 2nd OA Senior solos
Nate – 5th OA Senior solos
Taler – 5th OA Teen solos
Billy & Gabe – 1st OA Teen Duets
Billy & Taler – 2nd OA Teen Duets
Amber & Maryah – 3rd OA Senior Duets

Becky, Alyssa and Billy won 2nd and 1st places for their solos

Billy and Taler took home an Ultimate Victory for their duo while Gabe and Billy, Brooke and Billy and Alyssa and Becky took 1st place

CONGRATS – We are PROUD of all of you!!!

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