2010 Competition Results

Competition Results
November 9, 2010


WOW!! Once again, ASA comes home National Champions!!

The team brought home:
6 Platinums
11 High Golds
17 Golds
5 High Silvers

TWO, yes 2 Audience Choice Votes for the Best of the Best competition!

12 OVERALL awards!

Numerous judges awards and several students/routines were chosen for the Best of the Best competition and Encore Title competitions!

On the National level the team won the Dance Spirit Award which is for the studio whose students are nice, generous, always have something positive to say and who are in general have great sportsmanship! What an honor to receive this award on the National level. Miss Jill was told that the staff of Encore starting watching for the studio who represents this kind of sportsmanship at the beginning of their competition season!!

WOW – it was given to A Step Above!

Way to go TEAM!

Judges Awards

Howie received the Future Star Award (Petites)
Ashlee received the Best Performance Award (Petites)
Taler received Best Stage Presence Award (Seniors)
Haylee received the Best Lyrical Award (Teens)
The Tide received Best Stage Presence Award (Teen Trio)

Calypso Freedom received the Most Original Concept Award – we received this award on the regional level and then on the NATIONAL level. The judges said this award is presented to the routine that goes beyond the norm and is different!

Best of the Best competition

Man with a Hex – Audience Choice Best of the Best
Pow – Audience Choice Best of the Best

Title competitions

Mr Encore Dance – Billy Foster, Gabe Wise
Billy Foster winner of Mr Encore Dance

Miss Encore Dance – Jordyn Rider, Taler McGuire, Becky Foster
Taler McGuire winner of Miss Encore Dance

Miss Teen Encore Dance – Haylee Dunahay

Miss Petite Encore Dance – Jessie Rider, Ashlee Harmon


Petitie Solos
2nd OA – Ashlee – Itsy Bitsy Spider
1st OA – Howie – Spiderman

Teen/Senior Duo/Trio
5th OA – Billy & Gabe – Money
4th OA – Billy & Jordyn – We Remember
3rd OA – Billy, Haylee & Taler – The Tide

Junior Large Group
3rd OA – We Dance

Teen Small Group
2nd OA – Man With A Hex

Teen Solos
10th OA – Haylee – Chasing Pavements
9th OA – Billy – Permanent

Senior Solos
8th OA – Becky – Don’t Stop Dancing
7th OA – Gabe – Not My Time
1st OA – Taler – Endangered Species



The team brought home 6 Ultimate Victories, 30 First places and 7 Second places!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!
We also received several judges awards and were given the Directors Award – Super Studio!!!
14 overalls later – we rocked Columbus!!!

Judges Awards
A Step Above – Super Studio Award!!!!
Howie received the Heart Throb Award
Isabella received the Rockin’ Taps Award
Brianna H received the Twirling Queen Award
Steppin’ Out With My Baby received the Adorable Award
Isabella & Becky received the Great Attitude Award
We Dance received the Fosse Style Award
Lullabye of Broadway received the Broadway Babies Award
Mad World received the Nice Concept Award
Grapevine received the Awesome….Need We Say More? Award
Calypso Freedom received the Creative Choreography Award

WOW!! Now onto the Overalls…..

12 & Under solos
5th RU – Katie – The Honey Bee
4th RU – Brianna – I Just Wanna Be Happy
3rd RU – Ashlee – Itsy Bitsy Spider

12 & Under Duet/Trios
5th RU – Isabella/Genesis – Funky Town
4th RU – Amanda/Abigail – All In The Family
3rd RU – Rileigh/Ashlee – Jungle Jive
2nd RU – Jessie/Brianna – ABC

13 and Over Duet/Trios
4th RU – Gabe/Billy – Money
3rd RU – Haylee/Billy/Taler – The Tide
2nd RU – Alyssa/Andrea – Grand Canyon
1st RU – Billy/Jordyn – We Remember

13 & Over Small Group
4th RU – Calypso Freedom
1st RU – Man With A Hex

All Ages – Large Group/Production
2nd RU – POW!


Our awesome team brought home 21 overalls!!!
We also brought home 18 Platinums, 21 High Golds and 4 Golds.
We had Category Winners, numerous judges awards and Title Winners!!!
WOW!! We had the POW!!!

Judges Awards/Titles
Haylee received the Commitment Award
Jungle Jive (Ashlee & Rileigh) received the Clean Routine Award
Pow! received the Clean Taps Award
Taler received the Living to Dance Award
Grand Canyon (Alyssa & Andrea) received the Strength Award
Our Adult dances received the Judges Love You Award
The Tide (Haylee, Billy & Taler) received the Intensity Award
Becky received the Steppin’ Out Award
Isabella received the Precise, Cleaniness Award
Lullaby of Broadway received the Broadway Bound Award
Steppin’ Out With My Baby received the Way Too Cute Award
Katie was 1st RU for Miss Jr Teen No Limit
Jalyn was 2nd RU for Miss Jr Teen No Limit
Jordyn tied for the Battement Contest

The Perkins Brothers rocked!
Joey won Photogenic for Petites!!!
Howie won the Mr Petite No Limit Title!!!

WOW, that is just the titles and judges awards!! Here are the overalls…..

Petite Solos
Brianna – Goody Goody – 1st Overall

Petite Duo/Trios
Rileigh & Ashlee – Jungle Jive – 1st Overall

Petite Small Groups
Teach Me How To Shimmy – 5th Overall
Home – 3rd Overall

Junior Solos
Isabella – Rockin’ Robin – 9th Overall
Jalyn – Superstar – 6th Overall
Katie – The Honey Bee – 3rd Overall

Junior Duo/Trios
Isabella & Genesis – Funky Town – 5th Overall

Junior Small Groups
We Dance – 3rd Overall

Junior Lines and Productions
POW! – 3rd Overall

Teen Solos
Haylee – Chasing Pavements – 2nd Overall

Teen Duo/Trios
Haylee & Vanessa – Nightminds – 3rd Overall
Haylee, Taler & Billy – The Tide – 2nd Overall

Teen Small Groups
Man With A Hex – 1st Overall

Senior Solos
Jordyn – Black Velvet – 7th Overall
Jordyn – Forgive Me Love – 5th Overall
Taler – Endangered Species – 4th Overall (tied)
Billy – Permanent – 4th Overall (tied)

Senior Duo/Trios
Jordyn & Billy – We Remember – 3rd Overall
Billy & Gabe – Money – 1st Overall

Senior Small Groups
Calypso Freedom – 2nd Overall


Right out of the gate the team showed off their hard work and dedication! The team’s energy was awesome and they fought hard!

The team brought home 6 High Golds, 21 Golds, 13 High Silvers and 1 Silver
We also brought home 9 Overalls and 1 Judges Award

Calypso Freedom – Most Original Routine Award

Senior Small Groups
Man With A Hex – 1st Overall

Junior Line/Production
Pow! – 2nd Overall

Junior Large Groups
We Dance – 3rd Overall

Petite Small Groups
Teach Me How to Shimmy – 5th Overall
Steppin’ Out With My Baby – 1st Overall

Junior Solos
Katie – The Honey Bee – 4th Overall

Petite Solos
Howie – Spiderman – 4th Overall
Ashlee – Itsy Bitsy Spider – 5th Overall

Petite Duo/Trios
Ashlee & Rileigh – Jungle Jive – 2nd Overall



ABC with Jessie and Brianna – 1st Silver and 1st overall Petite Level 2 Overalls
All in the Family with Amanda and Abigail – 2nd Silver and 2nd overall Petite Level 2 Overalls
Grand Canyon with Andrea and Alyssa – 1st Gold and Top Scoring Adult Act of the Day

Brianna – I Just Wanna Be Happy – 1st Silver
Sydney – Start Jumpin’ – 1st Gold and 4th overall Jr Soloist
Katie – Down To The River – 1st Gold and 2nd overall Petite Soloist
Billy – Permanent – Gold
Becky – Don’t Stop Dancing – Silver
Jordyn – Forgive Me Love – 3rd Gold and 3rd overall Sr Soloist
Melissa – One More Day – Silver
Jordyn – Black Velvet – 1st Gold
Katie – The Honey Bee – 1st Gold

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