2013 Competition Results

Competition Results
November 7, 2013

Ticket To Broadway November 2011

We brought home 4 Platinum’s, 12 High Gold’s, and 4 Gold’s
Junior Solo Overalls
2nd- Katie Collins – Scatman
4th- Howie Perkins – Come Fly With Me
Teen Solo Overalls
4th- Amanda Schwartz – Stand In The Rain
3rd- Isabella French – More
Teen Duo Overalls
4th- Lillie & Amanda-
3rd- Billy & Katie – Everybody Needs Somebody
2nd- Isabella & Genesis – Perfect
Senior Duo Overalls
5th- Billy & Haylee – Make You Feel My Love
Junior Duo Overalls
3rd- Jessie& Abigail – Trashin’ The Camp
Senior Solo Overalls
3rd- Billy Foster – This Ain’t Goodbye
Special Judges Awards
Howie Perkins was named Mr. Broadway
Billy & Katie Everybody Needs Somebody-Most Entertaining
Invited to the Circle of Stars: Isabella, Haylee, & Katie


We brought home 5 Platinum’s, 27 High Gold’s, & 2 Gold’s. ASA was on Fire!

Petite Solo Overalls – First Call (Recreational)
1st- Lily Webb – Bing Bang
Junior Solo Overalls
5th- Jessie Rider – Singin’ In The Rain
4th- Abigail Schwartz – Sing, Sing, Sing
3rd- Katie Collins – Scat Man
2nd- Howie Perkins- Come Fly With Me
Teen Solo Overalls
9th- Amanda Schwartz – Stand In The Rain
8th- Juliana Behnke – Imagine
7th- Sydney Davis – Rock Star
3rd- Isabella French – More
Senior Solo Overalls
9th- Ashley Crowe – Falling Slowly
7th- Billy Foster – This Ain’t Goodbye
3rd- Haylee Dunahay – Natural Woman
Junior Duo Overalls
2nd- Billy &Jonah – In The Navy
1st- Jessie& Abigail – Trashin’ The Camp
Teen Duo Overalls
1st- Billy & Katie – Everybody Needs Somebody
Senior Duo Overalls
4th- Billy & Brooke – Mambo Swing
3rd – Billy & Sierra – Hernando’s Hideaway
2nd – Billy & Haylee – Make You Feel My Love
Petite Small Group Overalls First Call (Recreational)
1st – Tiki Room
Junior Large Group Overalls
2nd – Hot Wings

Junior Line Overalls
1st – Order Up!
Teen Large Group Overalls
5th – Shake Ya Boogie

We had many dancers chosen to participate at the Fuzion Dance Camp: Lily Webb, Howie Perkins, Abigail Schwartz & Haylee Dunahay
Abigail Schwartz was awarded the Electric Energy award for her Solo
Invited to the All Stars Gala in NYC: My Own Little World & Order Up!


We brought home 14 Ultimate Victories, 19 1st Place, 1 2nd Place

Power of Dance

We took 36 routines to Power Of Dance and we had awesome results!
2 Petite routines received 5 Stars out of 5.
1 Diamond Award ,33 Platinum Awards
Most Entertaining Awards for Order Up! and Swan Fake

Special Awards:
Broadway Bound- Everybody Needs Somebody – Billy & Katie
Aren’t We Cute – Tiki Room
Chosen for the Dance Off:
Petite and Jr – Tiki Room and The Pink Panthers
Tween and Seniors – Stand By Me and Swan Fake

Petite Shinning Stars
3rd Bing Bang – Lily Webb
Petite Shining Stars Small Group
4th- Tiki Room
Jr. All Stars
9th – Sing Sing Sing – Abigail Schwartz
8th – Chicago – Lexxi Crowe
7th – Come Fly With Me – Howie Perkins
2nd- Scat Man – Katie Collins
Senior All Stars
9th – Another Day – Shyanne Hartley
8th – A Drop In The Ocean – Vanessa Deitsch
4th – This Ain’t Goodbye – Billy Foster
3rd – Falling Slowly – Ashley Crowe
1st – Natural Woman – Haylee Dunahay
Junior Duo/Trio
3rd- In The Navy – Billy Foster and Jonah Myers
1st- Trashin’ The Camp – Jessie Rider and Abigail Schwartz
Junior Small Group
7th – Din Da Da
1st – The Pink Panthers
Junior Large Group
6th – Hot Wings
Junior Production
1st – Order Up!
Tween All Stars Solo
9th- I Love The Rain – Sydney Davis
7th- Pump It – Isabella French
6th- More – Isabella French
5th- Imagine – Juliana Behnke
Tween Duo/Trio
3rd- Outside The Line – Lillie Crowe & Amanda Schwartz
2nd -Perfect- Isabella French & Genesis Lyons
1st- Everybody Needs Somebody – Billy Foster & Katie Collins
Senior Duo/Trio
3rd- Hernando’s Hideaway – Billy Foster & Sierra Harmon
2nd- Mambo Swing – Billy Foster & Brooke Mell
1st- Make You Feel My Love – Billy Foster & Haylee Dunahay

Hall of Fame

We brought home 10 overalls, 2 Platinum’s, 22 High Gold’s, 10 Gold’s
Teen Solo Overalls
1st- More – Isabella French
Teen Duo Overalls
6th- Rock Star – Sydney Davis
3rd- Everybody Needs Somebody – Billy & Katie
Teen Large Group Overalls
4th- Shake Ya’ Boogie
Junior Solo Overalls
5th- Singin’ In The Rain – Jessie Rider
2nd- Scatman – Katie Collins
3rd- Sing, Sing, Sing – Abigail Schwartz
Junior Duo Overalls
1st- Trashin The Camp – Abigail & Jessie
Senior Duo Overalls
4th- Make You Feel My Love – Billy & Haylee
Senior Solo Overalls
4th- Natural Woman – Haylee Dunahay
Special Judges Awards
Intesity Award and Best in Jazz – Isabella French
Fabulous Feet- Everybody Needs Somebody – Billy & Katie
Fabulous Feet – Singin’ In The Rain- Jessie Rider
Best in Tap- Pump It – Isabella French
Best In Tap- Scatman – Katie Collins
Showmanship Award- Make You Feel My Love – Billy & Haylee
Showmanship Award – Shake Ya Boogie


We brought home 4 Ultimate Victories, 26 1st Place, 5 2nd Place
Entire team won National Sportsmanship Award
Entertainer Extraordinaire Judges Award
Teen Duo Overalls
2ndrunner up – Billy & Katie -Everybody Needs Somebody
Teen Large Group Overalls
2ndrunner up – Shake Ya Boogie
Senior Duo Overalls
3rd runner up – Billy & Haylee – Make You Feel My Love
Teen Solo Overalls
3rdrunner up- Isabella French- Pump It
Junior Line Overalls
Order Up! – 1st runner up
Junior Solo Overalls
5th runner up – Katie Collins-Scat Man
Special Judges Award
A Drop In The Ocean – Great Smile
Stand By Me – You Made Us Smile
Make You Feel My Love – Great Emotional Execution
Order Up – Great Energy

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