2014 Competition Results

Competition Results
November 7, 2014


28 High Golds, 6 Gold

Judges and Additional Awards Include:
Choo-Choo Ch’Boogie – Judges Awards for Sensational Smiles

Lily – 2nd overall in Junior Titles
Olyvia – 3rd overall in Photogenic
Isabella – 10th overall in Teen solos
Haylee & Billy – 10th overall in Sr Duos


6 Platinum, 24 High Gold, 4 Gold

Judges and Additional Awards Include:
Lily Webb – Idol Scholarship Winner and invited to perform in the opening number for Nationals, It Began In Afrika Production Routine – Execution & Quality for Jazz award and Entertainment Award, Billy & Haylee – Judges award for Great Connection, Haylee – Costume Award, Beautiful Lyrical Group – Execution & Quality in Lyrical Award, New York, New York Jazz Group – Execution & Quality in Jazz

Mini Solos:
Lily – 5th overall
Teen Solos:
Sydney – 10th overall
Amanda – 9th overall
Isabella – 2nd overall
Sr Duo/Trio:
Haylee & Billy – 2nd and 1st overall
Jr Solo:
Abigail – 8th overall
Jr Duo/Trio:
Jessie & Abigial – 7th overall
Ashley & Lily – 2nd overall
Sr Large Group:
Beautiful – 1st overall
Sr Solo:
Sierra – 7th overall
Ashley – 5th overall
Haylee – 2nd overall
Teen Small Group:
Little Bird – 10th overall
Would U? – 4th overall
New York, New York – 1st overall
Top Scores for the Entire Competition:
Isabella – 6th overall
New York, New York – 2nd overall


7 Elite Gold, 20 High Gold, 6 Gold

Judges and Additional Awards include:
Lily Webb – Category Winner, Abigail Schwartz – Category Winner, Haylee & Billy – Awesome Lifts, Sydney Davis – Excellent Extensions, Isabella French – Category Winner, Haylee Dunahay – Category Winner, It Began In Afrika – Dynamic Opening, Little Bird – Great Use of Costume, Sportsmanship – Entire Studio and Haylee Dunahay was named Capezio Special Dancer for not only her excellent dance technique but for being helpful and nice off stage.

Jr. Solos
Kayleigh – 10th overall
Abigail – 6th overall
Lily – 2nd overall
Jr. Duo/Trio
Shaina/Kayleigh – 4th overall
Abigail/Jessie – 2nd overall
Sr Duo/Trio
Haylee/Billy – 4th overall
Haylee/Billy – 2nd overall
Teen Solo
Amanda – 9th overall
Sydney – 8th overall
Amanda – 7th overall
Isabella – 3rd overall
It Began In Afrika – 1st overall
Sr Groups
New York, New York – 3rd overall
Top Production of the Day – It Began In Afrika


1 Platinum, 19 High Gold, 10 Gold and 3 High Silver

Judges and Additional Awards include:
Lily Webb – “She Knows Her Stuff”, Jessie & Abigail – Showstopper Award, Stampede Strut – Personality Award, Haylee & Billy – Emotion Award, It Began In Afrika – Showstopper Award, Beautiful – Performance Award, Titanium – Choreography Award to Miss Haylee, Abigail was a Dance of the Year Finalist, Isabella was a Dance of the Year Finalist, Sierra was a Category Winner and Miss Haylee received the Total Package Award, Category Winner and received the Highest Score of the Day!!

Lily – 1st overall Petite Solos
Choo Choo Ch Boogie (Tap group) – 1st overall Jr Large Groups
Jessie – 2nd overall Jr Solos
Abigail – 1st overall Jr Solos
Jessie & Abigail – 1st overall Jr Duos
Isabella – 1st overall Teen Solos
Would U? (Tap group) – 1st overall Teen Small Groups
Beautiful (Lyrical group) – 1st overall Teen Large Groups
Amanda – 1st overall Teen Shining Star Solos
Lily & Ashley – 1st overall Teen Shining Star Duos
Sierra – 1st overall Sr Solos
Bottom of the River (Acro Group) – 1st overall Sr Large Groups
It Began In Afrika (Production) – 1st overall Sr Lines
Haylee – 1st overall Sr Shining Star Solos
Haylee & Billy – 1st overall Sr Shining Star Duos
Haylee & Billy – Shining Stars Super Star Award

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