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Our purpose is to instill leadership, life skills and the knowledge of self-worth for every child.

When I brought my granddaughter, Lorilei, to A Step Above Dance Studio three years ago, her little heart had taken a hit of life-changing proportions. A deep sadness had replaced the joyfulness that had been characteristic of her. She desperately needed a happy place in her life. She immediately fell in love with dancing, tumbling and the entire ASA family: teachers, students (not just her age, but older ones, too) and moms. In return, she was accepted into that family and loved by everyone. I thank God for putting ASA in my line of sight when I was looking for a positive place for her. They were and are everything she needed and far more than I could’ve hoped for.

Sherri Johnson

A Step Above is such an awesome place to dance. My son has been going for 10 plus years. The teachers are so nice and such an inspiration. They not only help the students with dance but are such great life coaches as well. My son is in competition, tap and this year he’s doing a solo.

Kathy Hunter

I would like to thank you for your beautiful and moving choice of song in yesterday’s recital. I am an aunt of one of the dancers that performed ‘God Bless America’ and also enrolling into the ROTC program in Tennessee. I have tried to explain my choice of going into the military and it has been a hard decision to make. But seeing those girls and hearing that song reminds me of why I am doing what I am doing. Thank you again for choosing that song! You all rocked that recital yesterday!

Jaimee Thatcher

Ok, so I don’t even know what to say. I’m speechless, and you know me well enough to know that’s NOT normal. Since we got home Emma has been out practicing in the yard, over and over and over. She ASKED me to come out and watch her the whole time. Some kids she knew were walking down the street and she kept right on practicing. You have no idea what that means to me. My shy, backward, 0 self esteem, no confidence girl who wouldn’t even let me peek thru the blinds without getting mad is going in front of the entire 7th grade tomorrow and doing a SOLO. Seriously, it makes me wanna cry. I know everyone has encouraged her, but I KNOW she would not be as far as she is without you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! It is quite possible that you have forever changed my daughter’s life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it may very well be true. It is AMAZING!

Lisa Webb

A big thank you going to all dance moms from a first-year comp dad and dancer! YOU LADIES ROCK!!! Thanks for all the help!

(From one of our awesome Dance Dad’s) Kevin Boedicker

I am a recreational mom and I want to thank everyone who was there working with the kids at the recital. The show was wonderful and I enjoyed every bit of it. My daughter stayed in the back and I didn’t worry about her because she was in good hands. I know she enjoyed herself and already can’t wait until September starts back up again. To see my daughter’s face light up with excitement and her still talking about it means I made the right choice. Again thank you one and all.

Maria Creech

There is just so much to tell about A.S.A. I believe the best way to answer this is not just what benefit my daughter has gained but what has been evident with the whole A.S.A team members and staff. Let’s just call them “The Family A.S.A” There is genuine love of the sport, love of the people and love of the competition. All for one-one for all!!! I would say the best way to sum this up is to come to the recital. Order your tickets ahead cause I guarantee it will be a sell out. And rightly so. You will see a production before you, that will match a Broadway spectacular. Done timely, and in a professional manor, but with the touch of love. You will see kids and adults performing for you, giving you all they have. The long hard hours of training and practice, all for a brief moment of glory. The cheer, the claps, the mom and dad calling out their name. They perform with excitement, expression, and joy. Not for them but for you and their teammates. And they would do it again and again and again because they love it. They are part of a great organization and “the family.”A.S.A raises them to grow to be good people, good citizens, good parents. What else could you ask for?! Come see it, come join it, be a part of it. You won’t regret it nor will your child. See ya at the studio! Thank you A.S.A for all you have done!

Les and Wendy Mumaw

Just back from the VERY LAST drive to dance after 15+ years. 🙁 Have to say ASA is a sweet and wonderful family! They included Katie in their dance program as a Senior, put her pictures in the senior collage posted in the studio, and celebrated her last night with a pizza party! Such sweet teachers and students! So happy Katie found you! Let me know if you have any students that need rides to dance…don’t know what I’ll do with my free time!

Amy Braunworth

Super awesome recital!!! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it! I know Chloe danced her heart out as well as everyone else. Great job!!! Love all of you at ASA!!!!

Christina Morris

Just wanted to give you a shout out and thank you for an awesome year so far and for making picture day fabulous this year. I totally loved having two days. One group picture each day for us made it so much easier. I really LOVED it!!! No rushing or waiting. FABULOUS in my book!!!!

Melissa Blakeley

I personally want to commend all your dancers from this weekend at Applause. You were all great and the respect you showed each team that won First place was awesome! Good luck in the future!”

Tim Keever, a parent that we competed with at a dance competition

I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic recital last evening. This is our first year at ASA and coming from another studio, this was the best dance recital we have ever been to! I just love how everyone is so friendly. Also, I am envious of the relationship you have with your staff and students! You are truly dedicated to your job! Thanks for a great year!

Madisen’s Mom, Gabrielle Rooker

My daughter’s studio competed with you at Creations on Sunday. As a mother, I was extremely impressed with your students. They are the most gracious group of young people. As each top winner was announced, they stood and applauded them on stage – for every studio not just yours. It’s obvious that you and your staff are a positive influence on these students. Keep up the good work.”

Renee Clement – mother of a student who competed with us at a dance competition

OMG!!! The recital was amazing. What a feeling of FUN, FUN, FUN!!! I’ve never been to a recital that I laughed, cried, danced and had a good time just sitting in my seat. I was telling my cousin that we felt like part of the group; I felt so relaxed watching. What a feeling. It was great!!! The family togetherness really does shine through.

Melissa Blakeley

Truly a top notch dance studio, with wonderful instructors, who truly care about the kids. I feel every student will be able to experience all their options as a dancer that ASA can offer. I am glad we made the change.

Carrie Lieurance

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