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Participate in regional and national dance competitions with our competition team

Competition Team - A Step AboveFor our dancers looking to perform and participate at both regional and national dance competitions. We believe that any of our dancers should be eligible to be a member of our nationally recognized competition team. There is no stressful audition process. The competition team has three different Star Levels: Little Stars, Rising Stars, and Shining Stars.

We don’t base our team on purely winning, but instead on building up our teamwork, enjoying the dance journey, and building a positive dancer from within. Competition dancers rehearse at least two hours or more per week and have the chance to perform several times during the year at community events.

We travel to cities such as Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Cincinnati to compete at two to four regional competitions per year and every other year at the national level. Our dancers also have the opportunity to work with Master Class guest dance instructors throughout the year.

Since 1996, A Step Above Competition Team has been winning top regional, national, and overall awards. Our team has been recognized with judges’ awards and our instructors have been honored with numerous choreography awards. Our result pages speak for themselves!

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful team, contact us today, no audition needed as we believe any dancer can be a part of our team!

2017 Competition Results


12 Golds, 12 High Golds, 7 Platinums

Judges and Additional Awards Include:
Lily & Claire-Dynamic Duo for Word Up!
Mackenzie & Ava- Performance Award for Stand In The Light
Samantha- Breath of Fresh Air for I Can Only Imagine
Kayleigh- Performance Award for Think
Jessie-Outstanding Teen Solo for Chasing Cars
Solid Gold-Showstopper Award
Miss Jordyn- Choreography Award for Pretty Face
Jet Set-Performance Award
Bugle Boy- Show Stopper
Tod & Lily- highest score for 12 & under for Baddest Girl In Town

Dancin’ Machine-1st Overall Petite Solo
Bugle Boy- 2nd Overall Jr. Small Group
Party Just Begun-4th Overall Petite Small Group
Stand In The Light-5th Overall Jr. Duo
Word Up!- 2nd Overall Jr. Duo
Baddest Girl In Town- 1st Overall Jr. Duo
Think- 6th Overall Teen Solo
Tears Of An Angel-3rd Overall Teen Solo
Chasing Cars-2nd Overall Teen Solo
I AM not A Label- 1st Overall Teen Solo
Solid Gold-1st Overall Production
Unsteady-3rd Overall Teen Small Group
Bailar-2nd Overall Teen Small Group
The Mad Hatter- 1st Overall Senior Solo

Cathy Roe

7 Ultimate Elite, 21 Superior, 8 Outstanding

Judges and Additional Awards Include:
Luke- Air Jordan Award for Time Of My Life
Lily & Claire- Awesome Award for Word Up!
Unsteady- Commitment Award
Emma-Bling Award for The Mad Hatter
Entire Studio- Sportsmanship ADCC Award
Tod & Lily- chosen for Broadway Company for Nationals
Alanah- chosen for Elite Petite Company for Nationals
Ava & Kasandra- chosen for Heart and Soul Company

Chasing Cars- 8th Overall Teen Solo
I Can Only Imagine- 1st Overall Mini Solo
The Cat In The Hat- 1st Overall Mini Duo
Dancin’ Machine- 1st Overall Petite Solo
7 Nation Army- 4th Overall Jr. Solo
Baddest Girl In Town- 2nd Overall Jr. Duo
Party just Begun- 1st Overall Mini Small Group
Solid Gold- 4th Overall Jr. Production
The Mad Hatter- 8th Overall Senior Solo
Unsteady- 4th Overall Teen Small Group


1 Elite Gold, 13 High Gold, 14 Gold, 8 High Silver

Judges and Additional Awards Include:
Bugle Boy- Copacetic Award
Tod & Lily- Charisma Award for Baddest Girl In Town
Jessie- I Just Love You Award for Chasing Cars
Lily- Great Connection Award for 7 Nation Army

Dancin’ Machine- 5th Overall 9 & Under
I Can Only Imagine- 4th Overall 9 & Under
Bugle Boy- 2nd Overall Jr. Small Group
Baddest Girl In Town- 1st Overall Jr. Duo
Party Just Begun- 2nd Overall Petite Small Group
Bailar- 2nd Overall Teen Large Group
I Am Not A Label- 5th Overall Teen Solo
Africa- 4th Overall Teen Solo
7 Nation Army- 2nd Overall Jr Solo
Pretty Face- 3rd Overall Teen Small Group
Usteady- 2nd Overall Teen Small Group
Solid Gold- 2nd Overall Production
The Mad Hatter- 5th Overall Senior Solo

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